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Our Vision:
  Pursuing Excellence for Every Student, Every Day

Our Mission:
  In partnership with the community, we provide exceptional opportunities to continuously and rigorously challenge all students to excel as learners, thinkers, and leaders.

Choose to Care...

Caring is powerful.  Caring comes from passion, and it always leads to action.  You can tell when someone cares.  Everything matters a little bit more.  There are a lot of ways we demonstrate that we care about our students, parents, co-workers, and community.   It can be something as simple as saying hello, writing a note, or  taking time to listen.  When we ask a student how their day is going, make that extra phone call, or volunteer we show that we care.  Caring involves going the extra mile or giving someone something they need.   Caring is striving for 100% instead of settling for 90%.

Like most things worth doing, caring is a choice.  It is not always easy being the one who cares, but your ability to care paves the way for those around you to care as well.  Caring is contagious.  Do something today to show someone you care.  You will be glad you did. 

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In the Fall of 2012, we launched Core Values to support our 2020 Vision.  The 2012 presentation can be viewed by clicking this link.  T-shirts were provided to staff to promote the Core Values.   Check out the Core Values we support and promote to our students, families, and community.  You will soon be seeing these slogans everywhere!

Choose to care.
What I do matters.
 Find a way or make one.
Work hard.  Be nice.
Every child.  Every day.
 Never give up.

Do what is right.
Every minute counts.
 Provide hope.
Whatever it takes.

Lebanon High School's Early College Program

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On Thursday, August 30th,  OSU, LBCC, and Lebanon High School signed a historic agreement to create an Early College option at LHS.  The press and media covered the event.  It was a great moment for us as a district.  Early College is an innovative program that creates an articulated  pathway of courses and real incentives (including automatic admission and scholarships) for high school students into the four year university system.  The state of Oregon has very few Early College programs.  We are one of the first.  Through our agreement, every year OSU will provide around $100,000 worth of scholarships to qualified Lebanon students.  Amazing.

For several years, our Beyond LHS program has beaten a pathway to college opportunities for our students at the community college level.  This new Early College program is simply an extension of that thinking.  Lebanon Community School district has more students in 5th and 6th year college programs than any district in the state.  We believe it is our responsibility to remove any and all obstacles that may prevent students from obtaining a college degree, and sometimes the biggest obstacle is simply exposure, expectation, and a little support.  We work hard at creating those opportunities and providing that support. 

It is our hope that the Early College Option at LHS will create new pathways and opportunities for students to attain college admission and succeed once they are in college.  It is another bold step in the quest toward our one completion for our students.