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  Pursuing Excellence for Every Student, Every Day

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  In partnership with the community, we provide exceptional opportunities to continuously and rigorously challenge all students to excel as learners, thinkers, and leaders.

The Leader in Me

October 25, 2016

I wanted to tell you about a great book that promotes student voice and leadership.  It is called The Leader in Me, by Stephen Covey and Muriel Summers.  The book is about a principal, Muriel Summers, that implemented the 7 habits of highly effective people in 1999 in her elementary school in North Carolina.  The book tells the story of how Muriel's desire to develop student leadership and voice transformed not only her school but started a movement that has spread to hundreds of schools across the county and even the world. Ok. I admit it. I am a sucker for feel good success stories, and if you are too, you will enjoy this book. 

The book highlights what it looks like to implement the 7 Habits in a school. Guess what? It looks a lot like AVID. It looks a lot like Visible Learning. It looks like students taking ownership of their future goals and plans for their lives. It looks like success. For the next several weeks, I will take an in-depth look at the habits from the book and share some ideas to get you thinking. I guarantee you will find connections to your classroom and school.  As you read these ideas, I would love to hear back from those willing to implement them in some form or fashion.  Stay tuned...

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In the Fall of 2012, we launched Core Values to support our 2020 Vision.  The 2012 presentation can be viewed by clicking this link.  T-shirts were provided to staff to promote the Core Values.   Check out the Core Values we support and promote to our students, families, and community.  You will soon be seeing these slogans everywhere!

Choose to care.
What I do matters.
 Find a way or make one.
Work hard.  Be nice.
Every child.  Every day.
 Never give up.

Do what is right.
Every minute counts.
 Provide hope.
Whatever it takes.