French I - III

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Bienvenue to the LHS French Class Web Site!  

A Little About The Professor (Le Prof):   An educator since 1995, I have taught all levels and grades -- first through twelfth -- in the public sector as well as well as worked with adults of all ages through my many years as an adjunct French instructor at LBCC.

Credentials:  I obtained my B.A. in French from Humboldt State University and my M.A. in Education from Eastern Oregon University. I hold a license to teach French k-12 and regular education k-9.  My adventure with the French language and culture began in high school.  After taking two years of French I applied and was accepted as a year long foreign exchange student through Youth For Understanding and left to live in Nancy, France during my senior year of high school.  Since then I have returned twice (taking classes, bicycling, visiting family and friends) and have kept up my skills through reading, writing and watching all things French related. I look forward to going back soon for I still have a close relationship with my "french" family.

Goals:  I hope to teach and encourage another generation of students in pursuing their dreams, becoming better equipped for life, capturing opportunities, and gaining a wider perspective of global, national and local current events - preparing them for success.   And frankly, it is just fun teaching about the French language and culture to others... where else can you sing songs (to conjugate verbs/reinforce vocabulary), tell jokes (to enhance vocabulary/grammar structures) or play games (to embed learning) each day? 

Site Navigation:  For your convenience on the left hand side of the screen there are three different French level options available.  Just click on the curriculum level you need (it will be highlighted) and voilà!  like magic, suddenly you are there.