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As more and more teachers and buildings start to use Google Apps for Education, we want to spotlight some great examples of teachers using technology to enhance student learning.   Over the next few weeks, different teachers in the district will be in the Google spotlight.  

The first classroom and teacher in the spotlight is Boswell teacher Tyler Staats and his 5th-grade class.  The day of the visit Mr. Staats and his students were working on a research project using Google Classroom and Slides to help organize and document their information.  Their objective for this phase of the project was to create two Google Slides with information found from an article they researched and they needed to reference at least two articles.  To learn more about the specifics of the research project, Mr. Staats had students Jessica Assafeen and Kameron Couch explain the assignment...see more


Technology training is available! Do you need help researching and getting started using a new app or technology device in your classroom?  Would you like support for yourself and students  the first time you implement new technology in the classroom? Maybe your PLC would like training or you just have questions over how we can help you use technology in your subject area.  If you find yourself needing assistance in this area, call the help desk at 657-1812 or email to set up a time.  Also, check out our training calendar for already scheduled training sessions.


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