Links for Computer Users

OpenOffice 3.2 is production software similar to Microsoft Office Suite that allows you to create word processing documents, presentations, templates, databases, and spreadsheets.  All documents created in OpenOffice can be saved in file format that is compatible with Microsoft software.  The OpenOffice software can be easily mastered by those who have used 97 to 2003 versions of Microsoft Office.  For personal or business use, OpenOffice is a great production software alternative because its free.

Prezi is online presentation software that has a digital canvas with zooming capability.  You can easily group concepts, zoom in to highlight a point, or zoom out to show the bigger picture. Video, documents, pictures, hyperlinks and music can be uploaded easily to a Prezi presentation.   Also, PowerPoints can be converted using Prezi as well.  The free version of Prezi will archive presentations online and can be accessed by the public.  There are numerous presentations for educational, professional and personal use in the archives.  Some Prezi users even craft Prezumes for job submissions.  This is a new and innovative way to present material both at home and in the workforce.

Gimp is image manipulation software very similar to Adobe Photoshop.  The software can be used for basic red eye removal and photo cropping, or professional photo enhancement and digital retouching projects.  The free download is great for personal or business use.

Weebly hosts free websites for personal or professional use.   The templates are easy to use and make crafting the website simple and fun.   The site can host a blog, photo gallery, slide show or video.  Website updates are user friendly and there is a technical support team available if a snag is encountered.

Skype is online video chat software.  If a computer or laptop has video capability, you can download Skype and chat face to face with friends and loved ones in real time for free.  While skyping files and photos can be shared through the live chat feed.  For businesses and not for profit organizations, a low cost business account can be purchased with additional features such as group chat which allows organizations to have business meetings or have professional development training.  Skype has become a global phenomenon and a great educational tool.  Teachers create Skype accounts to collaborate globally with other teachers.  Skype’s versatility makes it a great resource for both personal and professional use.

Smilebox is great for people who love to scrapbook.  It is free presentation software that contains fun and creative templates for greeting cards, slide shows and collages.  You can upload photos of family and friends and create presentations with animation and music.  The preview feature allows you to see the animation in action and edit pictures, captions and music choices.  After previewing, templates can be posted to Facebook or sent via email for free.  Smilebox will archive the presentations as well.