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Problem Series B

Students created these videos using an iPad app called "Show Me". They practiced and rehearsed in groups prior to posting their final presentations.

Problem Set 1

Question 1:  Lahiru, Vaelan, Jenna, Maritina
Question 2:  Lahiru, Vaelan, Jenna, Maritina
Question 3:  Somin, Kangmin, Rayna, Min Soo
Question 4:  Disha, Ashan, Mack, July
Question 5:  Kasra, Carrie
Question 6:  Jennifer, Connor
Question 7:  Brendan, Elizabeth, David, Benjamin
Question 8:  Alek, Olivia, Riley, Christina

Problem Set 2

Question 1:  Benjamin, Brendan
Question 2:  Min Soo, David
Question 3:  Maritina, Lahiru, Elizabeth
Question 4:  Kangmin, Mack, Jennifer
Question 5:  Connor, Christina
Question 6:  Alek, Ashan
Question 7:  Riley, Olivia, Vaelen, Carrie
Question 8:  Disha, Kasra, July