Manometry: Summary
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Key points from this module:
  1. A manometer is one of the simplest ways to measure pressure.
  2. Manometers are not suitable for large pressures because heights would become impractically large.
  3. Piezometer tubes can only be used to measure the pressure of a liquid, as the liquid is used as the manometer fluid.
  4. U-tube manometers can contain a different fluid for pressure measurement that the contained fluid.
  5. Differential U-tube manometers are used to measure pressure differences between two containers.
  6. Inclined manometers are best used to measure small changes in pressure.

From studying this module, you should now be able to:
  • Understand the different types of manometers and the situations when to use each type.
  • Calculate the height of fluid when given a pressure difference.
  • Calculate a pressure difference when given heights in a manometer.