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This is the place to keep up to date with the music program, music performances, fundraising, SmartMusic, and other helpful resources for parents and students.

Please refer to the music department handbook below. While some sections don't apply to this year due to COVID, the handbook contains expectations and policies for the year. I ask all families to sign the acknowledgement form attached to the end. A paper copy was sent home, you can read it on this page here, or you can open the handbook in a new tab by clicking this button.

GMS Handbook - Gorman

Covid safety measures

The following procedures and safety protocols will be in place to keep students safe while making music:

Two music organizations in BC (CMEBC and BCMEA) have put together a document that combines all the current research on COVID and music coming from major universities in several countries. I have thoroughly read the research and recommendations from this, shared the information with administration, and the following safeguards are being applied to music classes at GMS:

  • Masks will be worn by everyone until all students are seated in their assigned seats.

  • All students in band 7-8 will grouped as part of the same learning group, so that students will not be exposed to droplets from outside the group of students they stick with all day/year.

  • Grade 9 band will all be spaced 2 meters apart. Some students will use the music lockers in the gym hallway to reduce mixing while getting ready for class.

  • Chairs and stands will be sprayed/sanitized between classes.

  • Plexiglass barriers have been brought in to separate me from the class as well as some sections of the band from each other and I will have a mask on in the event that I have to come withing 2 meters of a student. I am also receiving a wireless microphone to wear so I don't have to raise my voice and project more droplets. Students will also be instructed to keep their voices quiet.

  • The school has purchased a HEPA and UV air filter that kills viruses and bacteria to run in the music room in addition to school ventilation.

  • Extra Instruments and all unnecessary items have been removed so that students will be much more spaced out (2 meters is not possible between all students, but also not required within learning groups.)

  • Extra space will be given to some instruments that may pose a higher droplet risk.

  • Hand washing will happen at the start and end of class.

  • Staggered dismissal and directional procedures to and from class will also reduce congestion within the music room.

  • Choir will be happening online since, due to being multi-grade, there is no practical way to social distance.

  • Jazz band will be running as Grade 9 only, and in two small groups to allow for full social distancing within the classroom to occur.

Help is always appreciated. If you would like to volunteer, just ask. There are plenty of ways to do so.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Kimberly Gorman, Music Teacher - GMS