What is STEAMmaker Camp?

STEAMmaker Camp is intense and immersed professional learning where teachers, alongside their own students, learn how to shift from teaching in a typical STEM classroom to create and operate a MakerSpace in their own schools. This is all about being hands-on.

At STEAMmaker Camp, teams of teachers and students come together to experience a MakerSpace event. Various modules are included on a rotation, such as 3D modeling and design; circuitry; robotics designing/coding/programming; music producer; wearable technology, and more. Each camp can be customized by module to fit the length of the camp, the number of participants, and the needs of the client.

Teachers leave a STEAMmaker Camp KNOWING how a MakerSpace can be managed; UNDERSTANDING how a MakerSpace operates regarding time, space, activities, materials, and academic learning; and ready to begin BUILDING their own programs in their own schools with a seed set of students who all have a common understanding of operation and the exciting engagement.




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