IB Psychology


Welcome to the Mrs. Walker's homepage for Psychology IB HL and SL at Newbury Park High School. Students must be signed into their CVUSD Google accounts to access the class wiki.  

In this class we will study psychology by examining three fundamental influences, or levels of analysis, on behavior – biological, cognitive and socio-cultural.  The interaction of these influences substantially determines behavior. 

The level of analysis approach reflects a modern trend in psychology towards integration and examines how explanations offered by each of the three levels of analysis (biological, cognitive and sociocultural) complement one another and together provide more complete and satisfactory explanations of behavior. [Source: IBO]

In addition to these core investigations, we will explore two options: Developmental Psychology and Abnormal Psychology.  

IB Psychology at Newbury Park High School is designed to support students working toward a full IB diploma. Motivated students wishing to challenge themselves by completing a college level course and taking the IB exam in May are also given priority registration status. The emphasis of the course will meet the requirements for Standard Level. Students striving for Higher Level are required to take IB H1 Research Methods either their junior or senior year. Research Methods meets period 5 during term one. Students complete their Internal Assessment and prepare for Paper III.  Students planning to test Standard Level need to aware that the Internal Assessment will need to be completed outside of class and will require at least an additional 20 hours.  

An overview of the schedule and learning outcomes are available on the I.B. Psychology course syllabus.  Specific dates for activities can be viewed by clicking the subterm tabs at the top of this page.

Click here for a complete syllabus.

Teacher created documents will be available on the course agenda.  Some documents will be posted through Google Classroom within the CVUSD Google Domain.  Students will need to log in to their CVUSD Google accounts to access these documents.