Algebra 2

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Important Links

Required Materials

Binder: 3 ring, graphing paper, dividers for notes, homework, classwork, tests and warmups
If a student prefers to use spiral or otherwise bound notebooks, than the student must have a separate binder for notes so that notes can be used while solving problems.
Pencils and erasers for most work; blue pen and red pen for corrections (also consider 4 color pen)

Not required, but strongly suggested

Calculator, scientific preferred, graphing if possible

Internet Resources

Free Open Source Algebra Textbook with Examples, Problems and Answers
Free Algebra Textbook with Problems and Answers, published: 1895
CK-12 Huge Algebra and Arithmetic Resource Web Site
Free Math Worksheets for Review of the Basics
Purple Math: Written Tutorials on Every Topic
Algebra Cheat Sheet
Khan Academy (lots of math lessons, videos, practice) add me as your coach: (lots of math lessons, videos, practice quizzes)
MathIsFun! (great source of non-video math tutorials)
PurpleMath (another great source of non-video math tutorials)
CK-12 (a developing site with videos and practice)
Extra Examples (for every unit)

Online Adaptive Learning (fee-based tutoring)

Fun Math Stuff


Ever wonder what you're supposed to be reading in your textbook? Check these out: