Welcome to our class website.  Under your class agenda, you will find your daily agenda and HW.  Under your class resources, you will find support documents for assignments.  Please know I care about your success. Work hard and try your best.  We are in this together!
Contact information:
Mrs. Sanders
terisanders@conejousd.org (preferred mode of communication)
(805)498-3676 ext. 1007

Our librarian has created a list of the best books for teens in 2017. Most books on the list are in our school library.

Sign up for Turnitin.com (tii.com)
sign up directions are posted under your course resources
Period 2 class id:  17171933
Password: sandersp2

Period 3 class id:  17171960
Password: sandersp3

Period 4 class id:  17171976
Password: sandersp4

Highly valued and much appreciated classroom contributions:
1. Box of tissues
2. Sanitizing wipes