THIS SECTION IS DRAFT, WE HUMBLY APOLOGIZE - but cheer up! we are also currently waiting from contributions, directly from the solutions developers.

-None of the below approaches has all the combined charecteristics of our approach, especialy of crossplatform portability and transparency, just as our approach lacks several aspects in comparison with other approaches. For user simplicity we list  here the most popular ones.
aka.leapmotion - This project actually performs for artists and we know about it. It's been out for some time and it's one of the first to really look into the problem, it's free and supported by it's developer, who is a respected developer in the max scene. this system goes beyond data receving as it presets a series of functionality that the user is supposed to use in their patchet, and shows how to do it.
Reportedly this system accomplished great but doesn't work in max5 or requires additional setup and also some report indicates it does not work in windows, even if you have max 6. / project actually performs for artists and we know about it


ManosOsc - This project have the big plus of having enabled windows max5 users to start experiencing leap for max, the setup is relatively easy , informations is available.
If i recall correctly, it goes well beyond receiveing the data from the leap implementing IN MAX something similar to the digital hand we have all played with at least 15''.
Also, as of previous versions (don't know current) the set of data was limited in a small set of fields, with a lot of data from the frame not being received / available.
This product is available in the leap store.

osc motion - We currently don't know anything about this systems, however in the homepage, and in the name, one can understand they focus more in OSC intercompatibility between a vast series of devices... You can buy this product in the leap store.
... we' d say that most of the things we are missing are caused by 3 reasons :
A - our approach is transparent we don't manipulate the input or at least present a version of tcpgola where the input is untouched(ok we short the word "stabilized" to stab, and that's all.), as of the current release (0.2) we basically address only the problem of feeding fast data tomax.). This is bad for you right now if you are interested in a specific or "smart" elaboration of the data being done before the data arrives to max. HOWEVER WE WILL SOON PROVIDE VERSIONS OF TCPIGOLA WHERE THE MOST COMMON (LEFT RIGHT hand recognition, fingers not sorted by lenght, etc) ARE IMPLEMENTED IN MAX, so that you can use it and see the logic, then if you want modify it.
B - we are currently only focused to max and right now dont consider any other aspects about the OSC system in general, we only use this protocol (OSC), for all the frames in the same repetitive way, to send JSON data to max;
C - we started all this from scratch like 3 days ago...