TCPIGOLEAP (leap for max)

20140929 update 0.5.1 fixed booleans in dict
20140928 -UPDATE  - release 0.5 - unlocking performances
max/tcpigola-dict.maxpat - Parses ANY ASCII JSON being received via udp in a dict.
max/tcpigola-props.maxpat - Extracts props from ANY ASCII JSON being received via udp.
node/tcpigolo-ascii.js [FOR NODEJS] - Connects to a webservice and relays the incoming data(as is) via udp.
node/tcpigolo-props.js [FOR NODEJS] - Connects to a webservice, parses incoming JSON to fill a new object with relevant data that then get sent via udp.
 -Very easy to use multiple leap devices in ONE max patch.
 -The combination of  [tcpigola-props.maxpath in MAX] + [tcpigolo-props.js in NODEJS(possibly on a separated computer)]
  unlocks the maximum performances of interaction EVER for the leap motion in max.
-METRO IS GONE and every packcket gets processed, but it will return to allow more options for slower devices
-COMING SOON : Videos page :-)
-SITEUPDATE : 20142223 - The setup pages are not complete but greatly improved
-OLD v0.4 UPDATE  -  NO-MORE-MEMORY-ISSUE. (btw, what was with the memory issue?) or view   (adfly: wait few seconds and click on the link in the top right corner of the page)
In few days the screenshots from previous versions will be removed, a working version of this webdemo concept (only dict/props buttons are working here) will be made available instead! It will also allow for direct comunication with your leap motion device (if connected and installed) so you can test live our system TRULY IMMEDIATELY.
  tcpigola-full-0.3 for v6
tcpigola-full-0.3 for v1-v3 *
*The frame rate reported in the v1-v3 screenshot is because there is no hands over the controller (as you can see all the switches are off.)
-DOES NOT require to build anything
-cycling'74 max >=6.1.3 + external sadam.udpreceiver (WIN and MAC tested :-) on the pc running tcpigola
-nodejs + worlize websockets module (WIN , LIN, MAC tested :-) on the pc running tcpigolo
-This enables (optionally) for the leap motion running in a different computer than max. it's great for small computers to be able to split the job.
-Any type of javascript object (regarding leap motion it means data for any past or future version of the frame object)
-Roles separation : if you want you can have a different computer (as a wearable economical linux) sending to the computer with max.
-Multiple instance as easy as copying the objects. (Handy if you are using the leapmotion and for a concept with multiple devices.)
-Crossplatfrorm [WIN-LIN(tcpigolo)-MAC]x[x86-x64]

-Stream recording and playback from max
-PROPS APPROACH integration: SETTING props for tcpigolo-props.js during runtime FROM tcpigola-props.maxpath
-removing dependancy of sadam udpreceiver and transform the system in a single maxexternal.