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What is an Instructional Coach?

Ever wonder what an Instructional Coach really does? This video gives a great "nutshell" explanation! Also, click on the links below the video to get more information and ideas on how I, as your Instructional Coach, can support you!

The Roles of Coaches


Resource Provider: provide articles, summarizes strategies for teachers, provide lesson materials


Data Coach: data analysis, assist teachers in next steps for instruction based on the data


Curriculum Specialist: ensure implementation of curriculum


Instructional Specialist: ensure teachers are implementing research-based instructional strategies


Classroom Supporter: modeling/coaching inside the classroom, co-teach in classroom, observe and give feedback


Mentor: work with new teachers, improve skills in novice teachers


Learning Facilitator: provide professional development, team meetings, one-on-one support


School Leader: part of school improvement committees, set of eyes for principal for what professional development is needed


Catalyst for Change: actually pushing school, staff, district to change the way they do their work (don’t work harder- work smarter


Learner: learning all the time, be a model learner, be clear on what you need to learn, apply what you learn, reflect on how you are doing as a leaner

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Instructional Coach

How can an Instructional Coach help?

  • Work with teachers in large groups such as staff development.
  • Work with teachers in small groups for planning.
  • Work with individual teachers to enhance classroom instruction through observation, modeling, co-teaching, and conferencing.
  • Data Collecting and Analyzing.
  • Provide strategies, Technology Integration, and provide resources when needed.

A Coach IS.

A Coach is NOT

A colleague who observes teachers and offers feedback to improve teaching.

An administrator who evaluates teachers.

A colleague who co-plans with a teacher.

A colleague who plans lessons for a teacher.

A colleague who co-teaches or models strategy.

A colleague who teaches a lesson without the teacher present.

A colleague who provides resources to a teacher.

A colleague who makes copies for teachers.

A colleague who listens and remains confidential.

A colleague that reports confidential conversations to the office.

A colleague who makes suggestions to improve instruction.

A colleague that offers suggestions for systems changes to administrators.

Benefits of Instructional Coaching