2020 Announcements
Monday, June 15th = Summer Training Begins
Monday, July 27th = Mandatory Practice Begins
July 27th thru August 1st = Official Tryout Week
July 27th thru 30th = Summer Running Camp for 5th thru 9th grades
August 1st = 5K Time Trial and Family Pancake Breakfast

Why You Should Join Cross Country    

Running cross country teaches you great things about yourself, and in many ways, teaches you about the most important aspects of real life. Every person, fast or slow, can gain so much from the sport of cross country. If you have a desire to run, we have a spot for you on our team!

  • It teaches you the value of hard work.

  • It teaches you discipline.

  • It teaches you how to overcome obstacles.

  • It teaches you how to push through pain.

  • It teaches you how to push your limits and discover your maximum potential.

  • It teaches you to get out of your comfort zone and refuse to be average.

  • It teaches you humility.

  • It teaches you the value of teamwork and how to be a part of a team.

The list could go on and on. Everything you learn as a runner will help you later in life. It is hard to find an individual that ran cross country in high school that did not go on to be successful later in life.

We Go The Distance...

The Classroom is very important to us...

Our Sport is important to us...

Our Community is important to us...

Our Character is important to us....

Vista Ridge is Important to Us.

What's the Best About Our TEAM?

We are young, and we LOVE to RUN!!! 


    - In the classroom,     running and by our charcter

"To Give Anything Less Than The Best, Is To Sacrifice The Gift." 

- Steve Prefontaine

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