IB Courses

These courses will be the choices offered to the Class of 2020. 

Group 1
English A:  Language and Literature HL

Group 2
Language Acquisition:  Spanish B SL 
                                    French B SL
                                    Latin B SL

Group 3
Individuals and Society:  History SL and HL
                                      Psychology SL and HL

Group 4
Experimental Sciences:  Biology SL and HL
                                     Chemistry SL and HL
                                     Physics SL and HL
                                     Computer Science SL and HL 
                                     Design Technology SL 

Group 5
Mathematics: Mathematics SL and HL
                     Math Studies SL

Group 6
The Arts: Visual Arts SL and HL
               Dance  SL and HL
Students may also choose to take a course from Group 2, 3, 4,  or 5 to count for Group 6. 

Core IB Diploma Programme Components:

The following three requirements comprise the heart of the IB DP and must be completed in addition to course work. TOK will be a class; EE will be completed over a year's time, and CAS is ongoing outside of school for two years.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
Extended Essay (EE)
Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)