International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

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The International Baccalaureate Program is a two year holistic 
approach to learning designed for highly motivated students. 
This rigorous program encourages a global perspective meeting 
international standards of excellence and provides students with 
unmatched preparation for colleges and universities across the globe. 
This interdisciplinary program requires a great deal of independent 
thinking, research, written assessments, and oral presentations. 

Advanced Programs Night IB Presentation 2018

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IB Diploma Programme Requirements:
Freshman/ Sophomore years:
  • All students planning on participating in the IB DP junior and senior year must enroll in ALL advanced courses (Pre-AP) freshman and sophomore years. 
  • Students must successfully complete advanced courses (Pre-AP/IB and AP) freshman and sophomore years and earn credit for advanced courses before beginning the IB Diploma Programme junior year.
    • Students are encouraged to complete both AP Human Geography (9th) and AP World History (10th)
    • However, students have the option to take EITHER AP Human Geography OR AP World History
  • Students MUST ATTEND occasional IB informational seminars during PIT.

 Junior / Senior years:
  • All IB DP candidates must complete coursework and take exams in six different areas of study.
    • 1. Native Language - English A: Language and Literature
    • 2. Language Acquisition - Spanish B, French B, Latin B
    • 3. Individuals and Societies - History, Psychology
    • 4. Sciences - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Design Technology (Engineering)
    • 5. Mathematics - Mathematics SL and HL, Math Studies
    • 6. The Arts - Visual Arts, Dance, Music or another subject from Groups 2, 3, 4, or 5
      • All IB courses are weighted regardless if they are SL or HL

IB DP students must also complete three core requirements (junior/senior years):
  • TOK (Theory of Knowledge) course 
    • This course encourages inquiry and critical thinking of knowledge questions about oneself and our disciplines of study, such as:
        • What is knowledge?
        • What is belief?
        • How do we know, based on sense perception, language, emotion, reason, imagination, faith, intuition, and memory?
        • How do the areas of knowledge of math, human sciences, natural sciences, history, the arts, ethics, religious knowledge systems and indigenous knowledge systems help us to examine how we know what we know?

  • EE (Extended Essay)
        • This requirement is a 4,000-word essay (15 double-spaced pages approx. ) which reflects an original piece of research, analysis and interpretation written by the student under the direct supervision of a qualified mentor. Students will choose a topic from any content area within IB guidelines and will develop the essay with guidance through IB English & TOK classes.

  • CAS  (Creativity, Activity, Service)
        • The IB diploma candidate is expected to complete weekly creative, active, and/or service experiences to fulfill the seven different learning outcomes outlined by IB. Students develop a personal CAS portfolio over an 18 month period from September of their junior year to March of their senior year. 

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