Welcome to Computer Apps.  New to our campus this year, this class will combine both the practical and creative application of computers to students' lives.  We will be covering important topics including, but not limited to, word processing, presentation skills, research, graphics, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, audio, video and animation.

I will teach students the "ins-and-outs" of Word, for example, and Google Documents.  As a former ELA teacher, it continually blew my mind that my students did not have basic skills such as correctly using the "tab" key or crafting a proper email.  I will be teaching these types of skills, hopefully aiding them by providing an efficient means to get digital homework completed.  In addition, we will take the skills taught in class and practically apply them through project-based learning.  This class will be hands-on and entirely digital.  There will be no pen and paper involved.

I am very serious about the focus of this class, but I insist that we have fun.  However, this does not mean gaming or cell phones will be part of my curriculum.  I expect total cooperation in this matter.  One day per six weeks will be set aside for computer games IF the behavior in class is top notch.  Cell phones will never be allowed at anytime.

I am very excited about teaching this class, and I think it will be a most wonderful semester course.  The only things students need are their laptops and a desire to learn our world's changing technology.

Looking forward to a great year,

Ms. Jones