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Math and Language Arts Extension

Extension is a course designed to help support the ELA and Math curriculums.  It is a required course for all 7th and 8th graders who are not taking QUEST of AVID.  It is not an elective, study hall, or homework period.  The curriculum is designed to help enrich the skills taught in regular ELA and Math classes.  

Math Extension's purpose is to provide support for the math curriculum in order to enhance skills being taught in the core math classroom.

ELA Extension is a project-based course. We will be reinforcing the writing and reading skills being taught in the core ELA classroom.

Every Wednesday is a work day in Extension.  We will record our grades from TXConnect and work on missing assignments and/or upcoming tests, homework or projects.

Extension students will have the opportunity to build upon their Math and ELA academic skills needed for success in their core classes. They will also have the opportunity to learn leadership, organization, and team building skills throughout the year.

I am excited to have an amazing year!