Welcome to Reagan Elementary Performing Arts!

I am Mike Brymer, your Performing Arts Teacher. Here at Reagan, we will be developing music skills, and theatre skills sequentially from Kinder to 5th grade.  Students will progress from simple rote singing, to reading music, playing music on instruments and with voices, and then composing music. Instruments used are percussion, xyllophone, and recorders. In Theatre Arts, students will gain confidence in front of an audience, learn to use their body to reenforce their words, develop a quality speaking voice, create original stories, and learn to be creative with words. We currently have plays in 4th and 5th grade only.

Studies have conclusively linked the study of music through high school and into college with much higher College entry test scores, advanced degree entry test scores. I tell students that while I enjoy reading books very much, I can read music, perform it on my saxophone with excellent technique, tone, inflection, and multitask my brain hundreds of times faster than I can read a simple book. Learning to read music has made my brain respond and develop in ways I didn't think were remotely possible, and it blends into everything I do. Equally as important is the social aspect. Our students will leave this school and enter a bigger world at Middle School, High School, and College. Working towards common goals as a part of a team, with a built in set of friends in any new environment is a healthier situation as students approach their teens and beyond.  Not to mention that four of the Leander ISD High School Marching Bands have been in the top 5 of all Texas Bands in recent years, and Henry Middle School Band has been named best middle school band in Texas three consecutive times. Our Choir programs have had outstanding success in UIL competitions as well. Theatre productions are amazing as well. 

Every student at Reagan comes to Performing Arts. I try to teach them with compassion, care, and high expectations. I do believe that children should be allowed to make choices.  Not all of their choices are good ones. But by allowing them to make wrong choices, and giving consequences, they learn not to make wrong choices again. It is better to have small failures and mistakes in Elementary School and learn how to make their own choices, and have consequences, than to control all their choices, and then turn them loose in Middle School, High School, and College with no experience in making tougher and tougher decisions.  I know that is a lot to think about...I know from personal experience that it works!

I get a lot of questions regarding private lessons.  I don't do them. When I was a Band Director, I loved teaching Saxophone to my 39 private students every week. But I have no plans to do that in the future.  I currently have not been approached by any piano, violin, or any other instrumental or voice private teachers in the area. So I do not have a list of teachers to help you in that endeavor.

Plays. Sometimes, everyone always wins in elementary school. All soccer players get a trophy even if the team was last place. That can set up unintended consequences and unrealistic expectations.  In our plays, all students may choose to sign up, they have to read and audition for parts, and while many attempt, only a few are selected. The world is a competitive place, and so it is in becoming part of our 4th and 5th grade plays. While I certainly wish I could give everyone a part, it just isn't realistic.

If you ever have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.   512-570-7200  email. Mike.Brymer@leanderisd.org

Thank You!

Mike Brymer
Reagan Elementary
Performing Arts