Football Season

DateOpponentTeam (7th or 8th)

Above are the dates and opponents for the 2015 Football season. The two games in November are playoff games. We may cheer we may not. It all depends what round in the playoffs we get to. Please keep these dates open in the instance we cheer at both of these games. As we get closer we will have more specific information. 

Football season is our busiest time of the year!! You are expected to be at school from the start of cheer class at 3:08 - till the end of the game ~ 8:00 pm.  Which means we are at RBMS for every game we cheer. All teams except for Four Points have C-teams which means we will be cheering for a portion of those games (5:-5:30). This also means it may make the games a little longer so bare with us as we get the time table figured out.  Parents are still expected to be at the stadium at 8:00 pm for pick-up. Some games may end earlier and some may end later but regardless parents should be there ready to pick up by 8. 

Dinner will be delivered by Chik-fil-a every game day. It will be $6.00 a meal which includes: chicken sandwich, chips, cookie, and a water bottle. If your students would like something else it is their responsibility to make arrangements for this. We will eat around 4:00 on games days. We shoot for a 5:00 arrival time at the field. The time from 3:08-5:00 is meant for tutorials, homework completion, eating, and working on cheers/stunts for the game. 

During the game the girls will have a break during half time and the the first five minutes of the 3rd quarter of each game. They will also get a quick break in between B and A games. Please do not ask for your student during any other time unless there is an emergency.