Daily Schedule

We are going to try to have a set schedule each week. The activity may change as we figure out what's working for the team, but the attire will be the same no matter what other changes may be made.

EVERYDAY: girls should have hair in a ponytail with matching bow, and no jewelry!!

UNIFORM DAYS: Shell, Skirt, Bloomers, Cheer shoes, WHITE! no show socks, bow, NO jewelry, NO nail polish! 

MAGNIFICENT MONDAYCheers and jumps: Cheers and jumps will be posted on this website as we learn them. Girls are expected to practice and perfect 
                      Outfit: mint cheer shirt, maroon shorts, maroon bow, sports bra, cheer shoes.

TRACKLESS TUESDAY: Game Day stunts/ cheers.
                       Outfit: white/blue RBMS shirt, navy leggings, navy plain/paw bow, sports bra, cheer shoes.

 WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY: Dance/ Performance stunts, students will be introduced to a dance then be provided a web link in order to practice on their own. Be expecting a new dance a six-weeks to master. We will practice as a team once a week. On these days we will also be practicing stunts with our stunt group. Stunts cannot be performed without a complete group, come to school!! 
                       Outfit: white/red RBMS shirt, red track shorts, red bow, sports bra, cheer shoes. 

 THEATRICAL THURSDAY: Fun RUN Day! Conditioning day: Students will be led by Madelyn, our student coach in conditioning exercises. Students will be receiving PE credit for this class. Because of that they are expected to perform in physical activities. We will run the mile at least once a week. Everyone's goal should be to run it in under 12 minutes. (High school cheer runs 2.5 a day!) 
                        Outfit: Athletic wear. MUST be in dress code, and it cannot be the outfit you wore to school that day. Shoes should NOT be cheer shoes!!

FABULOUS FRIDAY: A little bit of everything, Team-building, cheers, stunts, running, study hall, spirit activities, dances whatever needs the most work!! 
                        Outfit: gray cheer shirt, black shorts, pink bow, sports bra, cheer shoes.