Science Academic Goals

Welcome to 7th Grade Science!  Science encourages us to methodically question, think critically, and use observable data to form conclusions about the world around us.  We apply the scientific method every day without even thinking about it.  We want students to recognize and apply these skills each day throughout their life

Students will:

  1. …be able to make objective observations about the world around them.
  2. …be able to actively seek out existing information about their questions, recognize patterns and engage in problem solving skills.
  3. …find ways to test their predictions including the use of models and controlled experiments
  4. …classify and/or measure information, and then organize and analyze data that is gathered in order to form conclusions based on evidence.
  5. …identify flaws in reasoning to continue to deepen understanding.
  6. …recognize that all things living and non-living have a role to play and there is an interdependence of all matter and energy.
  7. … have an understanding of the role that science plays in their everyday life. 
This year is all about Biology - the study of life.  We are going to explore the following topics:
    1) What is life?
    2) Genetics
    3) Classification
    4) Ecosystems
    5) Organ Systems

We have an exciting year planned with labs, projects, and activities.  This website will serve as a major resource for notes, videos, information, web links, assignments, study guides and more!  It is an invaluable resource that can help you in many ways!

Use the tabs across the top of the page to navigate through the various units we will be covering throughout the year.  Each tab will take you to a page with links on the left hand side to explore that unit further.  If a student needs a copy of notes or any other document associated with the unit we are studying in class they can access it through the tab at the top for that unit.