quest: (n) the act of seeking or pursuing something; a search
Hello and welcome to QUEST-Quality Utilization and Enrichment of Student Talent. My name is Kim Connor and I facilitate the gifted and talented 
program at Parkside Elementary School. I am thrilled to be here as a 
Parkside Scholar and want to thank you for sharing your children with us. 
What a wonderful opportunity we have with our beautiful school and its design.
We have accomplished a lot in our first 10 years and we are still aiming 

I have taught 29 years - in Leander ISD, Eanes ISD, Plano ISD, and 
Ouachita Parish in Monroe, Louisiana (where I am from). My husband and
I have three children ages 17, 15, and age 11.  All three attended
Parkside Elementary and I can vouch as a parent as to what a super 
school we have!  

For the 2017-2018 school year, I will be teaching QUEST grades 2 and 4, and also Kinder.  Mrs. Lindsey Gilbert will be the teacher for QUEST grades 1, 3, 
and 5.

You can contact me by email at:
or Mrs. Gilbert at lindsey.gilbert@leanderisd.org

QUEST Screening

When are students identified for the QUEST program?
QUEST screening and testing is ONLY done during the below testing windows. Students in grades 
K-12 may be nominated at any time by teachers,counselors, administrators, parents, self, or peers. 
The person nominating a student should complete a referral form, "QUEST Information Packet" found 
on the district website at www.leanderisd.org/default.aspx?name=dept.QUEST.main (or request the 
forms from the QUEST teacher) and return it to the campus QUEST teacher, who will add names for the 
next testing window.

Elementary QUEST Screening Windows are: 
•  at the beginning of the school year in August-early September
•  at the end of the school year in May-June 
•  Kindergarten screening is in January-February.
• Summer testing dates are offered for secondary students in grades 6-12. These dates will be posted on
 the district website by mid-May. 

QUEST testing is only done during the above times. The only exceptions are transfer GT students who 
provide documentation of participation in previous GT programs.

**Please note that students may not be retested more than once in a two-year period.**