Welcome to your Communications class!

I entered my first speech class my freshman year of high school, and since, I've only spent a couple of years away from studying and teaching in the communication field. Communication study has impacted my life, and my goal is to create an exciting learning experience for you.

You will be able to find important class information on your Google Classroom website. 

2017-2018 Professional_Communications (Semester Course)_Syllabus

Tutorials will be held on Mondays/Tuesdays after school.

Speech and Debate Team Labs will take place on Mondays/Tuesdays after school in Room 2219 until 5:30 pm.

A teaching schedule, email address and phone number are included here, so feel free to contact me. 

email: terry.hunt@leanderisd.orgphone: 512-570-1000 

Terry Hunt, LHS Speech & Debate, Room 2219

A Day Schedule

1st Period-MAPS/Prof Comm (9th Grade)

2nd Period-Conference

3rd MAPS/Prof Comm (9th Grade)


4th Period-Debate I, II, & III

B Day Schedule

5th Period-Conference

6th Period-MAPS/Prof Comm (9th Grade)

7th Period-Professional Communications (Semester Course 10-12)


8th Period-
MAPS/Prof Comm (9th Grade)