Bienvenidos a la clase de Español 2

Bienvenido 2017!
Semester 2 is up and going.

The first day back we went over the class rules. Students have an assignment to sign "I agree" on Google classroom to their expectations for the class.  Students love to socialize during class, we have decided that if talking is disrupting the learning we need to be respectful of the teacher and classmates during learning time.  Cell phones are also an issue. The use of phones during class is not allowed. Any consequence for using the phone during class will be at teaching discretion.

Semester 2:

This semester is packed with vocabulary. We need to make sure we have a lot of time to practice.
We will cover: Body parts, activities, injuries, verbs related to injuries, adjectives about injuries. In grammar we will learn the use of part tense and two different forms: Pretérito and Imperfecto. 

Parents, Semester exams are next week 12/13-12/6!! **                                                             The end of the 3rd six weeks (Semester 1) is next week (December 16th). 

Happy winter holidays!!!!

Here is a list of supplies we will need for our class:
     * Spiral notebook (70 pages or more)
     * Glue or tape
     * Color pens and colored pencils
     * Pencils
     * Scissors
     * Pencil bag or ziploc bag
     * Dry erase markers