All About Me! Welcome to THE Leander High School!  My name is Andrea Patton-Reedy and I will be your child's Tracking Teacher for the 2017-18 school year. This will be my 11th year teaching Special Education in the ICAP (Individualized Community and Academic-based Program) classroom at Leander HS---GO LIONS! I am looking forward to growing and learning with your child; helping them discover their gifts, their full potential, their "abilities".  Together we can make a difference; together we will face the challenges with dignity; together we will praise the struggles and cheer the successes!

This summer was all about relaxation, reading, binge watching Netflix, swimming, biking, bible studies, friends and family!  My oldest daughter, Caroline, will be a Sophomore at UT, majoring in Music Education and participating in the Marching Band playing the flute and piccolo. Samantha will be a Senior at Rouse HS.  Her hope is to attend Texas State and major in Education.  My husband Bob is in his 20th year working as a Hydrologist for the UT J.J. Pickle Research Bureau.  We both feel truly blessed! Oh, and I can't forget our pets...our dog Molly and our cat Pickles.
My personal goal is to teach your child the necessary tools to become a productive, independent, confident, and responsible citizen, through student-centered planning, practice self-advocacy skills, and community-based instruction. 
Any input you have about your son/daughter that would benefit their learning style and needs is always welcomed.

My Paraprofessionals this year are Ms. Jana and Ms. Paula.  I am excited about their vision...their passion for students with special needs...their positive, goal-driven outlook for their future; their wonderful sense-of-humor! 

Please feel free to call me any time with any concerns and/or questions you may have at (512) 570-1070.

With the future in mind,

Andrea Patton-Reedy
ICAP Special Education 9-12