Please check both the calendar and our Google Classroom for any missed assignments. 

Tutorials and Contact Information

I am in room E108 during DEN and most afternoons. I am also available by appointment for tutorials and QUEST Lab. Come by!

I can be reached
 via telephone at (512) 570-1200 ext. 41332 or by email at jenna.opperman@leanderisd.org. Email is preferred.

About Ms. Opperman

I was born in a small town in Indiana and moved to Texas just in time to learn to walk and talk. However, underneath my twang is a voice determined to help you appreciate the beauty and tradition of American English. 

You see, I'm one of those weird people who believe that language can save the world. Seriously. Recycling and supporting developing nations is noble and all, but... I have a daughter named Austen who is studying Biology at Texas State and a son named Lukas who is the funniest person in the world. (He's in the red shirt above with his school friends). 

I have a bachelor's degree from UT Austin in English and a master's in Poetry from New England College. I am currently pursuing a second master's in Social Work at UT Arlington, so I'm feeling your pain. Trust me. 

I believe that everyone is uniquely interesting and brilliant. I challenge you to dazzle me and to let me get to know the real you. Let your light shine, baby!

My Schedule

My teaching schedule for the 2017-2018 school year is as follows: 

1st - Dept. Conference
2nd - PSAT TEAM (1st sem)
3rd - 
English 2 Pre-AP QUEST
4th - English 2 Pre-AP 

5th - 
English 2 Pre-AP 
6th - 
English 2 Pre-AP QUEST
7th - Conference
8th - English 2 Pre-AP QUEST