Welcome Back to School!

I am the Dyslexia Specialist at Cedar Park Middle School and Four Points Middle School. Previously I have served as an Assistant Principal at secondary schools in California and Texas. When it became apparent that both of my children were dyslexic, I became a Dyslexia Specialist. 

Middle school students who are in Direct Dyslexia Services (DYS) receive services 2 days per week, either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday.

Dyslexia intervention classes utilize a scientifically based multisensory, structured, sequential reading curriculum.

All DYS students must bring a pencil to class. Some students may also need a binder - please wait until our classes begin to learn about this.  PLEASE consider sending a box of tissues, roll of paper towels, hand sanitizer, white board eraser, and/or unique color white board markers for our class to share.

Please check the Secondary Dyslexia website for information and resources.

I look forward to working with you and your student this school year. Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

Nancy Stewart
Dyslexia Specialist

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