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My name is Madeline Fulton. This is my third year at Vandegrift High School. I am an alumnus of Baylor University where I received a Bachelor of Science in Education. As you can see, I am extremely excited about literature, and education is my passion!

I look forward to creating a positive learning environment in which students can harbor (or discover!) their love for English and Literature.

Contact Information

**Email: madeline.fulton@leanderisd.org **Have a question about a grade? Please have your child make an appointment to speak with me during PIT or before or after school.**

Have a question about your child's grades?
As we progress through the spring semester, many students have been out due to illnesses or school related absences. I appreciate your patience and understanding as I work to stay on top of the new assignments we are doing in class as well as keep up with late/missing work. If your child submitted absent work, there is a strong possibility the assignment is in my folder waiting to be graded. Please don't hesitate to email me with questions! I'm happy to clarify!

Phone: 512-570-2300 ext. 42390 

Remind 101:

 - Pre-AP English I A Day: Send text @fultonpapA to phone number 81010

 - Pre-AP English I B Day: Send text @fultonpapB to phone number 81010

-  English I: Send text @fultoneng1 to phone number 81010

**For prompt responses, please send me an email.

Tutoring Times

If you plan on attending tutorials, please do your best to communicate that information with me either in person or via email to ensure availability.
Before School**: B Day mornings from 8:00-8:30,
PIT: A1, A2, A4 days, B5, B7, B8 days (NO Friday tutorials) **No Wednesday or Thursday PIT 2/21-4/5**
After School: Wednesdays 4:00-4:30 by appointment only
**Tutorials will not be held on the first morning of the week (a.k.a. if there is no school on Monday, tutorials will not be held Tuesday morning, etc.)

Class Schedule
A Day
1st - Pre-AP English I
2nd - Pre-AP English I
3rd - Conference
4th - English I

B Day
5th - English I
6th - Conference     PIT
7th - Pre-AP English I
8th - Pre-AP English I