This will be my 30th year teaching.  During my career I have taught Science, Theater Arts, Music, Yearbook, Tech Apps, Coding and K-12 Art classes.

I use Google Classroom to assign and receive work from my students.  If you are curious as to what your student is currently working on, they can show you by logging into their classroom.  All of the handouts, films, instructions and examples are placed there.  I encourage my students to take photos of their work in progress and share with their parents.  

The best way to contact me is via email.  My address is:


Feel free to contact me any time and I will get back with you in 24- 48 hours.

Supply List

The following is a list of art supplies needed for my class.  These supplies are not part of the supply pack or main list since not all students choose to take art.

2- #2 pencils
large eraser (White polymer such as Magic Rub)
hand held pencil sharpener
set of 12 colored pencils
4 black Sharpie markers. ( 2 ultra fine and 2 fine point)
2 rolls of paper towels

9x12 sketchbook ( This size will fit nicely in the supply bins.)
a set of drawing pencils.  This will usually include an eraser and sharpener.


I accept donations of most crafting items.  You can either send it with your child, or drop it off at the front desk. If you donate it, the students can find something creative to do with it!
I also accept water based paint.  This can include samples or even gallons of house paint as long as it is not oil based.  The fumes and cleanup make oil based very difficult to work with safely.
I am especially excited when someone donates a pack of Mark-it colored markers or black Sharpies!

One of the best things to happen in Texas public education is the requirement that every student in high school must complete a TEKS-based course in order to graduate, and that every student in middle school is required to complete a TEKS-based course.  Arts Education is not a frill; rather, it is beneficial to every student and helps teachers reach students across a broad spectrum of learning styles.

 For more information about the positive impact that Fine Arts education has on students, and to become more knowledgeable about legislative actions that could impact fine arts program in Texas, I invite you to join GoArts.org.  By registering at the site, you can help educate our state’s decision makers about the importance of Fine Arts education.  There’s no charge for joining, and GoArts.org does not share email addresses with any other organization.