About Mrs. Kral,

My name is Ginger Kral, one of the Visual Art teachers at Running Brushy Middle 
School.  I recently got married and my old name was Kubin.  I am looking forward to this
 year’s students in my classroom!  I received my 
Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Arts
 and Art Education with an All Level Teacher’s 
Texas State University.  I am originally
 from Louisiana and have lived in Texas 
for 30 
years.  I have three children: Stephanie, 28, who
 graduated from Baylor; Michelle, 
24, who attends ACC; and Austin, 22, who attends Sam Houston State University.

Art has been a part of my life, all of my life.  As an artist, my strengths include sculpture, 
painting, color, and an eye for good composition.

I believe that Art is very important to the school curriculum.  It is my 
intent to foster students to develop into productive, motivated human beings 
with the growing knowledge of their individual strengths.  Students rely on 
their perceptions of their environment, developed through increasing visual 
awareness and sensitivity to surroundings, memory, imagination, and life 
experiences, as a source for creating artworks.  They will learn about 
different cultures of the world, art history, as well as the elements of art 
and principles of design while enhancing core curriculum skills integrated 
throughout.  In conclusion, my classroom will encourage students to use 
their creativity, imagination, and critical-thinking skills in a safe, warm 

My Mission

An art educator should establish goals to cultivate art skills, 
promote critical-thinking
skills, empower students to feel 
successful while 
expanding their perception of the world. 
My hope is to 
excite the students’ minds 
with my enthusiasm and humor while presenting fun 
and captivating subject matter that will engage students in meaningful 
and develop lifelong skills.