Welcome to 7th Science!!!

I am beyond thrilled about having another year of life science with my new 7th graders!  You will have so many fun learning experiences including observing responses to live earthworms, learning how to make genetic predictions using punnet squares, and yes...DISSECTIONS!!!  This will be a fantastic year! =) #6yearsspartanstrong

1.  Watch the The Five Rules of Lab Safety
2.  Play the ZC video game
3.  Get an electronic copy of the completion certificate.  To do so, you will use your snipping tool.  If you don't remember what a snipping tool is, swipe from right side of your screen towards the left.  Click search, and type in snipping tool.  You should have one preinstalled.  Get the image of the certificate and save it to your desk top for now.  If you do not have a snipping tool, download one from the app store. 
You may work in partners if you do not yet have your computer and need to share with someone else.  If you have your own computer, you need to use it.
4.  Fill out the Zombie College document.