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Tutorials - M-Th 8-8:30 AM and 3:45 - 4:45 PM unless I have a meeting.  
My email:        kathleen.forsell@leanderisd.org

Please see directions to get to your textbook.  

Please sign up for MLISD as soon as possible! We want you guys to ALL have computers to work on assignments. Class is going to be much more computer oriented! You can sign up for school laptops, which comes pre-loaded with all applications and tech support can help you with any issues. You are allowed to bring your own computers, but you will not get the same support from tech support!

There are no more COWs on this campus.  The only way to use the computer on assignments is if you have rented your own through mLISD or if you bring your own device.  

When you sign into MLISD, the program is 35 dollars for this semester and summer if you sign up next year as well. The program will let you know if you qualify for a discounted price. Remember that if you know you cannot afford the fee for the lap tops, fill out a scholarship application!