Welcome Third Grade Superstars!

    In our classroom we use the 7 habits to become better leaders. We synergize and work together to solve problems as a team. We build each other up and have a positive mindset. We are superstar leaders that SHINE!


Our Superstar Mission Statment 2016-2017

Mrs. Hoffart’s 3rd grade superstars are…


       Like to use the 7 habits daily

                            Every day we learn something new

                                                                     As Titans we help others

                                    Do the right thing even when no one is watching

                                                          Enjoy class and have fun learning

                                                              Respect others and follow the Golden Rule

                                                                     Shine like superstars!

Our Superstar Mission Statement- 2015-2016
In our third grade class we use the 7 habits.
We are unique. We have a peaceful learning environment.
We believe in others and ourselves.
We respect and encourage others.
We start each day with a positive attitude.
We are truthful and always helpful.
We are responsible and we shine every day.
We promise to be SUPERSTARS! 
We are all proactive leaders!