Welcome to 7th Grade ELA 
This year we will be focusing on how to become better readers and writers through the exploration of various text. My goal this year is to ensure that students are enjoying their educational experience through the use of higher order thinking skills and engaging lessons.

Essential Units of Study

  •  Personal Narrative 
  • Literary Analysis
  • Informational Analysis
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Creative Writing 
The essential units of studies were created with our students in mind. It is our hope that by the end of the school year students will be equip with the skills that they need in order to excel academically and professionally. 

Tutoring available Mondays and Thursdays after school in room 118 or by appointment.

7th Grade ELA Norms 

Students are encouraged to have one composition notebook. 

Students are encouraged to read 20 minutes or more a day. 

Students are encouraged to own their learning and advocate for themselves. 

Students are encouraged to attend tutorials to improve their writing and reading skills.