Device Norms

Arrival Procedures

Devices should arrive fully charged in the morning

Devices should remain in lockers turned on silent or off when not in use for educational purposes

During Tech Instruction

Devices out and visible

On app or website we are using

Ringers on phones turned off

Device media volume at a level 2

User is being a good digital citizen

During Non-Tech Instruction

Devices on silent or off

Screen off and face down in corner of desk

During Collaborative Work (Partners/Groups)

Tech Instruction Norms apply

Personal devices should only be used by owner

Device media volume may be raised to level 3

During Testing (Paper-of any kind)

Devices turned off

Devices in storage

During Recess (unless indoor) & Lunch

Devices silenced.

Devices in storage

If indoor recess, student may use device on school appropriate apps

During Specials

Take devices if needed. REMINDER: You are responsible for it!

If not needed, devices in storage

Departure Procedures

All students are responsible for taking personal devices home

Consequences for Not Following Device Norms

Verbal Warning

Mark on 3 B's Behavior Chart

Minor Offense Referral

Office Referral and Loss of Device Priveleges

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BYOT Letter