Welcome to Mrs. Trent's 7th Grade ELA website!

Our year is going to focus on sharpening
your ability to look closely at what you are reading and to think logically as you strengthen your speaking and writing skills. I will be encouraging you to ask questions, and I will challenge you to support your opinions with evidence so that your writing and reading skills will be constantly improving.

Our classroom will be centered on YOU - the learner. I will be teaching mini-lessons at time, but we will have breakout sessions, choices of reading text, menu items, and writing topics. I do have a curriculum to follow, but we have quite a bit of personal ownership of what, when, and where built in to the model. I will be here to facilitate your learning, help you along the way, and make sure you have everything you need to master each skill with suitable rigor.

Details of each of our units of study will be listed over to the right including the knowledge and skills we will be covering for each unit.

Each of my students has access to Google Classroom and HRW (our literature book) online. I communicate with them almost every day through Google Classroom. Please ask them to show you their page so you can see what we are doing on a daily basis. I also utilize Socrative.com for quizzes at times and Quizlet for short practices. Those link are usually loaded into Google Classroom as well. I also use Remind 101, and my codes for each class are listed below for students and parents. 

I am looking forward to our trek together!!

Mrs. Kate Trent

If you need to reach me, 
my email is kate.trent@leanderisd.org and my extension is 43693

2nd Period
Class Name: 2nd Period ELA PreAP 2016-17
Code: trent2nd16

4th Period
Class Name: 4th Period ELA PreAP 2016-17
Code: trent4th16

7th Period
Class Name: 7th Period ELA PreAP 2016-17
Code: trent7th16

8th Period
Class Name: 8th Period ELA PreAP 2016-17
Code: trent8th16

9th Period
Class Name: 9thPeriod ELA PreAP 2016-17
Code: trent9th16

Go to classroom.google.com

2nd period: rtj7yl

4th period: pcpdw8n

7th period: j7rccj 

8th period: lugank

9th period: dtepfvh

1.  Students go to - 

2.  You will choose the SRI button UNDER Fast Math. This will open a pop-up to log in.

3. Student Username: First 8 letters of last name & underscore & student ID 
Example username: johnston_123456
4. Student Password: Date of Birth (YYYYMMDD)
Example password: 19951130