Welcome to another wonderful year of learning! This year we will cover many vital topics in Language Arts that will prepare each student for success in life. I have a strong conviction that passion is the driving force that inspires and helps people to realize their dreams. So let’s begin our journey through the amazing world of the English language. I am happy to have you in my class!

STAAR Prep Sessions Running from the weeks of 1/26-4/2:

Tuesday Afternoons: Ms. Tsihlas; Room 2102
Thursdays during FLEX: Mrs. Starr; Room 2106
Thursday Afternoons: Mrs. Funderburgh; Room 2108

*Students need only attend one session per week. The lesson repeats for that whole week, and then a new one starts every Tuesday.

Contact Me:
Room: 2106
Phone: 512.570.3600 ext. 43669
email: charleen.starr@leanderisd.org