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I'm hoping this will be a one stop shop for my friends. If there are other things you would like to see on here just let me know!

My husband, Ian, and my son, Elijah.

About Me

Where to begin...
I graduated in May 2015 from Concordia University Texas. I earn a BA in Elementary Education and certifications in Elementary and Special Education. I spent a year at Children's Courtyard where I taught a Pre-K class. After having my son though I really wanted to get back into a Leander classroom doing what I really love.

I grew up as a military child so I am used to moving every few years. My parents are amazed that I have stayed in one place for so long but Cedar Park feels like home. I do have three much younger siblings, one in her junior year of high school, one starting 7th grade and my baby brother is starting fifth grade!

I've always dreamt of being a teacher and have always loved working with children. I am super excited to be working with your children and cannot wait to start learning from them. Not a day goes by that you cannot learn something new. I believe that when we work together amazing things can happen.

If you ever need to reach me please email me at: patricia.skelley@leanderisd.org

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