Welcome to Mrs. Lambert's Classroom

Jennifer Lambert


• Room Number 1419

• Conference Time: 10:25-11:15 am.

• Reed Phone: (512) 570-7700

• Email Address: jennifers.lambert@leanderisd.org


SNACKS: PLEASE make sure to send a healthy snack every day with your child. Suggested healthy snacks are: granola bar, cheese sticks, goldfish, vanilla wafers, raisins, peanuts butter crackers, bananas, dry cereal, dry fruit. Water bottles will be the only beverage allowed in class. We arrive at school very early and it's a long stretch to lunchtime. Your children use a lot of brainpower while learning; play hard during PE and recess. We have a specified time in class where they can have snack and I can assure you they are ready to eat!

WEDNESDAY FOLDERS: Every Wednesday your child will bring home a Wednesday folder with their name on the front. It will contain school or grade-wide forms, events, sign-up sheets or announcements. Please check your child's backpack every week for new information.

BRINGING THINGS FROM HOME: If your student chooses to bring a ball to share at recess, please be aware that if it goes over the fence into the retaining pond, we cannot retrieve it. On occasion we will have special days when we can bring something from home such as a board game. Please make sure these items are labeled with your students name. We cannot guarantee lost pieces or items unfortunately.

READING: Third grade is the time when your students shifts from "learning to read", to "reading to learn." Suggested reading time each day, outside of school, is 20 minutes. Please encourage your student to develop nightly reading habits. This could include you reading a book together or your student reading to you!

SLEEP: Who doesn't love a good snooze? I know I do. Third graders work really hard all day and they need about 8-10 hours of sleep per night! Not only does it make us feel better, it reduces stress and allows us to be prepared for the next day. A good habit is to get in bed 20 minutes early and do your reading!

TARDIES/ABSENCES/TRANSPORTATION: Please make sure your student is here when the bell rings as we begin our learning right on time. If your student needs to be absent, please send a note in writing to the front office within 48 hours of absence. A phone call is not considered an excused absence by LISD policy. If your student is going home a different way than usual, you may send a note in writing or call the front office. Please try to call before 2:00 p.m. if it is same day change.

COMMUNICATION: Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns. We are in this together and strive for good communication. I will reply within 24 hours. I have a conference period (10:25-11:15 am.) if you would like to plan a phone call or conference. Of course if it is an emergency, please call the front office.



I was born and raised in northern California, and have lived in Texas for the past 25 years. I graduated from California State University, Sacramento. I am married with 4 kids and 3 awesome dogs. Three of my kids are in high school and my oldest daughter is a sophomore in college. They have all attended Leander schools. This is my 10th year in Leander ISD and couldn't imagine a better place to work and grow. I have a deep passion for running, mountain biking, kayaking and hiking. I am heavily devoted to my artistic side of illustration drawing (pencil/pen/ink), photography, sewing and fabric arts. As a child I dreamed I would grow up to be a teacher, a children's book illustrator and ride a horse in the Olympics.