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3rd Grade Newsletter
(updated on February 20, 2018 )

Calendar for February

Tuesday, Feb. 20th-3:00- entry forms for the talent show are due! Forms found online! 

Wednesday, Feb. 21st-progress reports sent home

Thursday, Feb. 22nd-5:00-9:00 Cox Spirit night at Moonies Burgers

Friday, Feb. 23rd 6:30PM Talent Show in the MPR

Monday, Feb. 26th-Our Place in Space Science test

Wednesday, Feb. 28th- Spring pictures for class pictures and individual 

On the Calendar for March

Friday, March 2nd-field trip forms and t-shirt money due!
            -Texas Independence Day!
            ​-Read Across America Day

Monday, March 5th-9th-National School Breakfast Week

Tuesday, March 6th- Watch Dog Ice Cream Social 7:00-8:00 PM

March 10th-18th-Spring Break-No School!

In our classrooms…
Language Arts-  
New Reading homework email sent out this week by Ms. Snook and Mrs. Miears!

Reading-We will be finishing myths and legends this week and start on our poetry unit!
a story often describing the adventures of beings with more than human powers that attempts to explain mysterious events (as the changing of the seasons) usually involving gods or goddesess

is a semi-true story, which has been passed on from person-to-person and has important meaning or symbolism for the culture in which it originates. A legend usually includes an element of truth, or is based on historic facts, but with 'mythical qualities'.

Writer’s Workshop-  finishing final copy and illustrating our  imaginative stories with proper story structure  including using correct (CUPS-capitalization, usuage, punctuation, and spelling) 

Spelling-Unit 20-

Math/PACE Math- 

Continuing to work on elapsed time,  fractions,  multiplication arrays, perimeter, and area.  We should take the end of the unit 4 test sometime  next week.  We will then start with Geometry.   

Monday-Math Dailies #20 Day 1 & 2-we did it together!
Tuesday- Math Dailies #20 Day 3 & 4, will check on Wednesday morning together in class
Wednesday-Thursday-ImagineMath.com  They will need to complete 2 lessons passed by Friday from where they were the previous week.  All students should have passed lesson 
# 26 by Friday, Feb. 23rd.  

Science/Social Studies

Our Place In Space-finishing our unit and the test will be next Monday, Feb. 26th
The study guide/review for this was sent out Feb. 5th!

SSL-Second Step Learning-
We are focusing on 21 Days of Kindness-which was sent out in an email by Cox Elementary this week.
Tuesday-Smile at 25 random people
Wednesday-write a friend a kind note and put it in their lunch or backpack.
Thursday-Pick up 10 pieces of trash on campus
Friday-Learn something new about your teacher


Congratulations to Sydney Greata! She was on  the Buebonnet Team for Cox Elementary (all others were 5th graders!) that competed against all elementary schools in Cedar Park and Leander (26 schools).  Our team won 4th place!  Way to go!  

This weekend we had 2-3rd grade teams compete in the Destination Imagination competition at Cedar Ridge High School in Round Rock on Saturday. (students names are withheld until permission is given by the parents.) However, they did such a  fabulous job and we are so proud, that we could not wait to tell everyone! One of the teams received 1st place and will go onto compete at state in April. They also received the Renaissance Award!
For Outstanding Design, Engineering, Execution, Performance
The Renaissance Award recognizes those among us who demonstrate extraordinary amounts of effort and preparation in their solutions or outstanding skill in engineering, design or performance. 

Valentine's Parties-THANK YOU so much parents for your donations and time. It was a total success and we could not do it without you!!!



Math and PACE Math Homework-students have plastic fact sheets in their binders.  Addition and subtraction.  They are expected to practice Math facts everyday.  Each student will be given a goal at the beginning of the week to accomplish by the end of the week ( based on beginning of the year testing to determine which test they should be on).

​Students should come to 3rd Grade knowing their addition and subtraction facts as we will start learning multiplication facts around late September.  After the 1st 9 weeks is over,  I will start taking grades on Friday Facts Tests. Please practice!


Order of the tests as follows....  Once they pass a Friday test, they will move onto the next level. 

Please note the times are not the same  as written on the tests.  

50 addition facts in 3 Minutes

50 subtraction facts in 3 minutes

50 multiplication facts in 4 minutes

50 division facts in 4 minutes

100 addition facts in 5 minutes

100 subtraction facts in 5 minutes

100 multiplication facts in 5 minutes

100 division facts in 5 minutes

Multiples #1-5 minutes

Multiples #2-5 minutes

Mixed Multiples #1-5 minutes

Mixed Multiples #2-5 minutes 

Also students are given a Math/PACE Math homework  sheet(s) on Friday and it will be due the following Friday.  Students were given homework last Friday. :)

I will add computer websites to practice math facts and math skills as soon as the district approves them. I will write or glue your student's usernames and passwords into the front of their planners.


Overview of HOMEWORK!  

***Should take less than 45-50 minutes a day .  That is why I give it to them on Fridays to spread it out if they need to. 

Please Login to TXCONNECT

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Step Two: 
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