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Math and PACE Math Homework-students have plastic fact sheets in their binders.  Addition and subtraction.  They are expected to practice Math facts everyday.  Each student will be given a goal at the beginning of the week to accomplish by the end of the week ( based on beginning of the year testing to determine which test they should be on).

​Students should come to 3rd Grade knowing their addition and subtraction facts as we will start learning multiplication facts around late September.  After the 1st 9 weeks is over,  I will start taking grades on Friday Facts Tests. Please practice!


Order of the tests as follows....  Once they pass a Friday test, they will move onto the next level. 

Please note the times are not the same  as written on the tests.  

50 addition facts in 3 Minutes

50 subtraction facts in 3 minutes

50 multiplication facts in 4 minutes

50 division facts in 4 minutes

100 addition facts in 5 minutes

100 subtraction facts in 5 minutes

100 multiplication facts in 5 minutes

100 division facts in 5 minutes

Multiples #1-5 minutes

Multiples #2-5 minutes

Mixed Multiples #1-5 minutes

Mixed Multiples #2-5 minutes 

Also students are given a Math/PACE Math homework  sheet(s) on Friday and it will be due the following Friday.  Students were given homework last Friday. :)

I will add computer websites to practice math facts and math skills as soon as the district approves them. I will write or glue your student's usernames and passwords into the front of their planners.


Overview of HOMEWORK!  

***Should take less than 45-50 minutes a day .  That is why I give it to them on Fridays to spread it out if they need to. 

Monday-20 min. read and RR Log

                Math Facts- 3-6 minutes a day

                Spelling- 5-10 minutes (write it on the back of the Unit page)


Wednesday-same except  in the Spelling book-Dear Parents 


Please Login to TXCONNECT

posted Aug 23, 2016, 6:19 PM by Robin Klepper   [ updated Aug 23, 2016, 6:20 PM ]

Stay Engaged in Your Child's Education Through TXCONNECT 

To create a new txConnect account follow these simple instructions:

Step One: 
  • On the txConnect home page, click on “New txConnect User”.
  • You will need your child(ren)’s student portal ID Number in order to complete the process, which you can get from your campus registrar.

Step Two: 
  • On the summary page click on the blue “settings” button.
  • Click on the “register" button. If you receive an error message regarding your email address, please contact your campus registrar.
  • Once you have successfully entered your email address and entered the code sent to your email, check the “request electronic report cards and IPR”

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