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Tutoring Schedule

Students may go to any of the social studies teachers for help during the tutorials. 

Mon. afternoon      4:15-4:45    Mrs. Phan
Tues. morning        8:15-8:45    Mrs. Killian
Wed. afternoon      4:15-4:45    Mrs. Selden

Thurs. morning      8:15-8:45    Ms. Hagy

Teachers are available at other times by appointment if a student is unable to make it to one of the above.

Please make sure you have a pass if you come in the morning and let us know in advance what you need help with so we can prepare.


  • Teachers are available at other times by appointment, including lunch.


  • All sixth graders may go to any of the teachers for help. Tutorials do not have to be with your own teacher.


  • Students will need a pass/parent note to come down the hall in the mornings.
Times to redo a quiz/test, etc.
Students have the ability to redo an assignment lower than an 80. Students should plan to redo their assignment at a designated tutoring time, shown above or by appointment with the teacher at a different time.  I fully support my students' pursuit of excellence.