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"American Sign Language (ASL) is a visually perceived language based on a naturally evolved system of articulated hand gestures and their placement relative to the body, along with non-manual markers such as facial expressions, head movements, shoulder raises, mouth morphemes, and movements of the body."
~Dr. Bill

Teacher Email: jen.greenstreet@leanderisd.org 

LIFE CYCLE OF AN ASL STUDENT  (Watch this if you need a laugh)

Cool Video about Deaf Space

A very useful notification tool! I will send you text message reminders for Homework*, Quizzes*, Projects and Tests*.

Text the appropriate @phrase from the list below to this number:
ASL 1 text: @mrsgreenst
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*Homework and Quiz reminders MAY NOT ALWAYS be sent out!  Homework due dates are posted at the end of the assignment.  Some quizzes are POP quizzes.*