Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts!

I want our classroom to be a place you look forward to coming to every day.  One in which we share laughter, ideas, questions, thoughts and have meaningful conversations about what we are reading and writing. In our classroom we will treat each other with respect so that everyone feels safe and comfortable.  It is important for us to always to think about these questions before we speak:  Is it true?  Is it necessary?  Is it kind?

 Please don't ever be afraid to make mistakes or ask for help, it's how we learn and grow. It's going to be an AWESOME year!  GO HAWKS!!

Grading Policy

Language Arts classes utilize a rubric grading system, on a scale of 1-4, with a level 3 representing mastery of a particular skill.  Each unit allows for at least 3 opportunities for students to demonstrate their mastery, with daily work/support practice counting for 15% of the overall average, and the final skills assessments counting for 85% of the overall average.  This aligns with our philosophy that students should not be penalized during the "learning" process while acquiring mastery of skills.  Each child will have access to small group instruction and intervention if he or she needs additional support.  

Late assignments (those in the 15% category) will receive a 10-point deduction for each day late, up to 3 school days.  If the assignment is more than 3 days late, no credit will be given, but you are still expected to complete the practice in order to be successful in mastering the skill. Please be sure to track grades by signing up for TxConnect.  It is an amazing tool for monitoring your progress.

Rubric Conversion

4    =    100

3.5    =    95

3    =    90

2.5    =    80

2    =    70

1.5    =    60

1    =    50


If you are absent for any reason, it is your responsibility to check Google Calendar and Classroom for what you missed.  Students are expected to make up any missing work and take action when they don't understand something they missed (attend tutorials or workshops, meet with a study group during FLEX time, or ask the teacher in person or by email).  For each absence you will have 1 extra day to make up the work.  For example, if a student has 2 absences, they will have 2 days to make up and turn in missing assignments.  If you are absent  for an assessment, be sure you schedule a time to come in and make it up.

How Important is it is to read 20 minutes every day?

The advantages that come from simply reading every day include:  expanding vocabulary, developing empathy, boosting self-esteem, improving communication skills, and increasing proficiency in all other subjects.  That’s just to name a few.  So be sure to read at least 20 minutes every night!

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Bell Schedule

1st Period        8:55-9:45

2nd Period        9:50-10:38

3rd Period        10:43-11:31

4th Period        11:36-12:24

5th Period        12:29-1:17

Lunch             1:17-1:47

Flex                1:52-2:17

7th Period        2:22-3:12

8th Period        3:17-4:05 

6th Grade Language Arts Tutoring:  M 4:15-4:45, T-Th 8:15-8:45 and Fridays by appointment