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Michele Curby
Team 6-3
Language Arts

Welcome to 6th grade Language Arts with Mrs. Curby. This is my 18th year teaching and my 11th year in Leander ISD. 
Contact Me

Email is the quickest way to get a hold of me:  michele.curby@leanderisd.org

Phone 512-570-3100 ext. 43120

Course Summary

In Language Arts this year, we will be improving our reading, writing, spelling, and vocabulary skills. We will be reading grade level mentor texts, writing memoirs, poetry, persuasive, and expository pieces. We will also be building spelling, grammar, and vocabulary knowledge while focusing on Stems - root words, prefixes, and suffixes.

Find Stems Quizlets here.

Find Team 6-3 homework here.


Weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch.  Make sure to get a pass from me before going to lunch.

Classroom Expectations

Team 6-3 emphasizes a positive class atmosphere that focuses on learning. We expect our students to follow the “10 Ethical Principles” as described in the student handbook. Students are also expected to:
• Be on time, be in your seat, be working on your starter when the tardy bell rings.
• No backpacks or large bags are allowed in the classrooms
• Cell phones are turned OFF and put away.
• Have all of your supplies for class – you ALWAYS need a pencil and a silent reading book
• No talking unless it is an approved time/class discussion (your teacher should not have to spend time getting the class to quiet down)
• Turn you work in on time and complete
• Listen to and follow instruction from your teacher
• Don’t pre-set or rig your locker. 
• Use your agenda everyday for every class – there are no excuses for not knowing.
• Leave hallways and classrooms clean at the end of every class period and every day!


Consequences the student may experience if expectations are not met include: a warning, change of seating, communication with the parent, individual or team conference, lunch d-halls, and/or office referral.
• If you break a classroom rule and have been warned, then either parent contact may be made or a d-hall (detention) may be given. 
• Detentions will be served during lunch.
• If you do not show up, disrupt detention, or come in late you will be assigned 2 detentions. Four detentions in a six weeks warrants a referral to the office.
• Gum and tardies warrant a consequence. Please get a pass if it is an excused tardy. 

Scholastic Online Orders
Periodically, I will hand out Scholastic book order forms.  We are not allowed to accept money at school, so all Scholastic orders must be made online.  To order online, you can create an account at Scholastic.  The class activation code is GYKFR. Please let me know if you place an order so I can process the order on my end.
Odyssey - Compass Learning
Compass Learning

When logging on, please make sure to change the school to 'Leander' and use your birthday for the password.


Yasiv is a fun way to find books similar to ones you already know.

Online Textbook

Instructions to access our online Writing Coach (Grammar): Go to easybridge.leanderisd.org.  Use your normal computer log-on info.