Classroom Supplies

For the Class:
1st & 5th Periods        Computer/Copy Paper  - We go through a lot of it and we never have enough
2nd & 7th Periods      Black Expo Markers - I draw a lot of pictures on the board (mostly cats) and we burn through a lot of markers
4th & 8th Periods       Tissues - Everybody gets the sniffles and if I don't have tissues, your kiddos will have to use brown industrial paper towels to blow their noses.

For the Students:
Aerospace Engineering 
Engineer's notebook
Three-ring binder 1" or larger

Calculator with trig functions
Some kind of notebook or folder to keep organized.

Why is Science Important?

Learned Helplessness

Learned Helplessness

Useful Links

PhET Interactive Physics Simulations


The Physics Classroom  This site is loaded with cool animations that will help you visualize and understand major concepts in classical physics.

HyperPhysics: AWESOME reference for all levels of physics - check it out!

Amusement Park Physics

Veritasium (YouTube Channel)

MinutePhysics (YouTube Channel)

Cool Stuff

BBC Richard Feynman Interviews 


Physics Central


NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Useful Sites 
HowStuffWorks: wanna know how a car engine works? Look here. 
Imagine the Universe: information about our universe including interactive activities
Physics Central: weekly physics feature magazine
PhysLink: daily physics and astronomy news
Questions of the Week: physics question of the week from The University of Maryland
Study Tips for Intro Physics Students: tips for how to succeed in physics
The Laws List: alphabetical list of laws and principles of physics

Interactive Physics Material 
Applets by Paul Falstad: math and physics applets
Physics 2000: applets on microwaves, TV screens, waves, and much more
Powers of Ten: VERY COOL applet showing the powers of ten
The Interactive Library: hundreds of cool physics java applets
Virtual Laboratory: lots of physics applets covering a wide variety of topics

Physics Fun
DC Physics Humor: links to all sorts of physics humor from DC Physics
Physics Fun: physics cartoons, fun, and more

Ask an Astronomer: have an astronomy question? Ask an astronomer!
Astronomy Picture of the Day: see a new astronomical image or photograph every day
NASA Homepage: everything NASA

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