Welcome to the New School Year 2016-2017
    I am so excited about this year. I looking forward to seeing all my friends and how they have grown over the summer. As many of you know Mr. Jesse Dones has handed the reins of the Visual Arts class to me, and I am eager and so happy to accept them and begin our journey. I am enthusiastic and wholeheartedly looking forward to the creativity with all my friends at Cox Elementary. During my 26 years of teaching I have saved a few student's pieces like handmade cards, drawings and even some caricatures of me that I picked up during class. These are more abstract and not so flattering nevertheless, these are all works of art in their own way and mean something to me.  
   I have had the honor of working with many of the teachers here at Cox Elementary School as a co-teacher over the past two years. The atmosphere has always been positive and student focused. I am looking forward to a "colorful" school tear as a visual art teacher.