Welcome to the New School Year 2017-2018 
    All 3rd Grade students, as well as new students to 4 and 5 grade at Cox Elementary will need a 70 page, wide ruled, one subject notebook for their first Visual Arts Journal.
    For returning students in either 4th or 5th grade we will attempt to recycle what we have. If 4th and 5th grade students bring a new Journal they can bring home their old one. If possible a new journal would be helpful for all stdudents.
    I am looking forward to seeing everyone this new school year. I am so excited about this year. I can't wait to see all my friends and how they have grown over the summer. 
    I am enthusiastic and wholeheartedly looking forward to the creativity with all my friends at Cox Elementary. I am so excited to get started.
  During my 28 years of teaching I have saved a few student's pieces of art like handmade cards, drawings and even some caricatures of me that I picked up during class. These are more abstract and not so flattering nevertheless, these are all works of art in their own way and mean something to me.  
   I have had the honor of working with many of the wonderful teachers here at Cox Elementary School over the past few years. The atmosphere has always been positive and the students are focused on being respectful and responsible. I am looking forward to a "colorful" school year as the Cox Elementary visual art teacher.

Examples of Student Journal Covers that show a few of the Elements and Principles of Visual Art that we have learned. Please note the designs are simple and not crowded. These covers show Line, Pattern, Color, Shape, Balance, and the focal point is the title. Remember have fun decorating your cover. 

Student covers should have their Grade Level in the top left corner, their group color Gold or Green in the top right corner, the two teacher represented in their art class with group (A,B,C, or D) in the bottom left corner-names can be stacked to save space. In the lower right corner will be the student's first and last name which can also be stacked.