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Class Resources

Assignment Log: Print one Assignment Log per academic class. Place these logs in the front of each class section of the binder, behind the divider. Record all assignments and check them off when the assignments are turned in. 

Tutorial Log: Use this log to record any tutorial session over 20 minutes in a teacher's classroom. Tutorial time should be used to complete homework, study for quizzes and tests, and to get help from your teacher. Six tutorials are required as a minimum per six weeks, but students should attend more tutorials if they are struggling in any classes. Students may use one electives tutorial per six weeks but the other five should be in academic classes.

Effort Tracker: Students should fill out the sections of the Effort Tracker throughout the six weeks. The AVID six weeks grade will be calculated based on this form. 

Six Week Grade Essay Instructions: The essays will be started in class early in the final week of the six weeks. They are due on Wednesday of the final week. To finish the essay, use these instructions.