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Digital Citzenship


"Digital citzenship isn't just about recognizing and dealing with online hazards. It's about building safe spaces & communities, understanding how to manage personal information, and about being Internet savvy - using your online presence to grow & shape your world in a safe, creative way, and inspiring others to do the same." - Digizen

Did you know?

  • Overall, 75% of all teens text, and 63% say that they use text to communicate with others every day.
  • About three in four (74%) teens ages 12-17 are "mobile internet users" who say they access the internet on cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices at least occasionally. 
  • 37% of all U.S. teens own smartphones, up from just 23% in 2011.
  • One in four teens are "cell-mostly" internet users. Among teen smartphone owners, half are cell-mostly.
  • 58% of all teens have downloaded apps to their cell phone or table computer.

Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project (